Aggregate power supply from 2 kW to 1000 kW, with electrodes distributions. Automatically connect network aggregates and work parallel to the network.

Temporary power connections

Our services are specially designed for concerts and other major events that need to be temporarily provided with complete electricity supply - power connection and accompanying electrical installations and their maintenance.


We participated in the arrangement and maintenance
of numerous significant events and concerts.


  • U2 - stadium Maksimir,

  • Metallica - Hipodrom i Ušće Beograd,

  • Sting - Arena Zagreb,

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Hipodrom,

  • Il Divo - Arena Zagreb,

  • Backstreet Boys - Arena Zagreb,

  • Mark Knopfler, GNR - Arena Zagreb,

  • Leonard Cohen - Arena Zagreb,

  • Lady Gaga - Arena Zagreb,

  • Massive Attack - Big hall "Dom sportova",

  • Slayer Megadeth - Arena Zagreb,

  • The Wall - Arena Zagreb,

  • Shakira - Arena Zagreb,

  • Joe Cocker - Arena Zagreb,

  • Bon Jovi - Arena Zagreb,

  • Sade - Arena Zagreb,

  • Tom Jones - Arena Zagreb,

  • Rammstein - Arena Zagreb,

  • Beyonce - Arena Zagreb,

  • Lenny Kravitz - Arena Zagreb and many others.

Other events:

  • "City games",

  • "Buying Croatian", 

  • the arrival of the Pope,

  • the arrival of US President; G. Busha,

  • opening of hotel Kepinski;

  • opening of hotel Osijek,

  • Garden festival, 

  • Vip in Music festival, 

  • "Flora art", 

  • "Ice Fever",

  • European Water Polo Championship,

  • Hanžeković Memorial,

  • "The night of add eaters",

  • WDC ŠKODA, - opening of Aston Martin, 

  • Snow Queen, Sljeme,

  • Arena Pula Ice Fever etc.



INKI DINKI has been operating since 2001. We specialize in providing power services according to the highest standards.

We are organizing concerts, events, fairs and we provide temporary electrical power connections and accompanying electrical installations.

Our service customers are the top team of a dozen electrician -electricians, trained to set up and implement a temporary power connection with cabling to end-use.

In addition, we are at your service for other electrical installation work, maintenance of electrical installations
and other related services.


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